CleanCert Hygiene’s PROVEN range of advanced infection control solutions provide complete PROTECTION for you and your dental practice.
Discover the TRUE risk of Biofilm Contamination






Our aim is to provide the products and solutions that make the dental surgery a safer place to be. We understand the risks presented by the hidden dangers of biofilm (link to five stages) viruses and other contagious pathogens, and the damage that can be done from using products that contain bleach and other harmful substances.

Our products provide the highest levels of clinical protection. Using naturally occurring compounds that are non-toxic, completely bio-degradable and 100% friendly to the environment at all levels, they are completely safe to use, even for the vulnerable and immunocompromised.



CHL’s products provide game-changing performance and safety, underpinned by proven science and independent lab testing.

Inspired by nature, our biomimetic technology employs the active ingredient, hypochlorous (HOCl) – an environmentally friendly substance produced by the body’s white blood cells to fight infection.

For example, discover how CHL is the only company to provide an HOCl waterline cleaner that treats all five stages of biofilm contamination.