The CleanCert difference

Advanced waterline treatment for complete protection

Discover the TRUE risk of Biofilm Contamination

Waterborne bacteria quickly multiply in dental unit waterlines to form dangerous biofilms.

Offering a high level of performance and safety, CleanCert is the only all-in-one, dual-action waterline treatment solution. Independent lab tests prove CleanCert can continuously remove all five stages of biofilm contamination and provide a high performance biofilm shock treatment


  • Advanced, all-in-one formulation for continuous use AND shock treatment (ISO 16954)
  • Proven to protect against all five stages of Biofilm growth (link to video)
  • Removes ALL waterborne biofilm and free-floating bacteria from dental waterlines
  • Innovative shock treatment, typically up to 90% faster than other single-action treatments – 40 mins vs 12 hrs
  • Annual cost savings of at least 60% per chair, compared to leading competitors*
  • Unique formulation with an extended shelf-life
  • Convenient sizes: 1L and 5L bottles for up to 25 shock doses


  • Safe for you, your staff, and your patients – even in concentrate
  • Removes reliance on point in time testing to detect contamination
  • 100% biodegradable – friendly for you and the environment 
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive – easy storage and disposal
  • Hypoallergenic and pH neutral
  • CE marked as a medical device
  • Validated to international disinfection standards including ISO 16954 (waterlines) & EN 14476 (viruses)
  • Trusted by leading dental groups
CleanCert Data Sheet
CleanCert Product Leaflet