The EauFlow difference
(D) Distillers – (B) Bottled Water – (RO) Reverse Osmosis

Advanced reverse osmosis water system for dental applications

The absence of chlorine in all purified water used in dentistry – whether bottled, distilled or RO – means surface can quickly develop.

Designed for use in autoclaves, dental chairs, ultrasonic baths, and other clinical water equipment, EauFlow RO delivers purified water at speed. It integrates with CleanCert dual-action biofilm removal for complete microbiall elimination.

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  • Delivers ultra-purified water without the need for costly water bottles or unreliable distillers
  • Purifies water 10X faster than a standard distiller.
  • Highly efficient, producing 20 litres of water p/hr on tap
  • Advanced, medical grade, multi-level filtration system uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove bacteria, ions and particles from the water supply
  • Integral water quality monitoring of organic and inorganic contaminants to ensure your water is ‘fit for purpose’ in any clinical application
  • Hard and soft water options with WRAS approved components
  • Helps ensure a stress-free work environment, as nothing needs to be stored, filled up or decanted


  • Cartridges only need to be changed annually in most cases
  • Avoids need for costly UV light filters
  • No specialist tools or expensive engineer call-out fees for routine maintenance
  • Change cartridges in seconds using simple push-fit connections
  • Up to seven times cheaper than buying bottled water and costs less to run than a distiller
  • Return on investment in under 12 months
  • Most effective and cost-efficient method to supply water to single use, clean steam autoclaves

Why EauFlow?

Dental surgeries require purified water for many tasks, including rinsing instruments and filling benchtop sterilisers. Bottled water is expensive to buy, heavy to lift, awkward to store, and contributes to plastic waste. Distillers are extremely slow, power hungry, and produce lots of steam. This excess moisture can cause spores to grow, may trigger allergies and can make decontamination rooms uncomfortable for staff. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the most efficient solution.

Recommended layout
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Opening an EauFlow 505 - 2019
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Services neede pre-installation
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Decommissioning an EauFloe RO
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Basic Maintenance 
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Recommissioning an EauFlow RO
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RO Engineer Videos

Videos designed to guide engineers through the installation and maintenance of the EauFlow Reverse Osmosis System