The OptiZil difference

Advanced surface disinfection for complete protection

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Many surface disinfectants rely on potentially harmful and damaging chemicals to kill surface pathogens over the course of extended contact time.

OptiZil contains a naturally occurring antimicrobial, HOCl, that is versatile, safe, fast acting and proven to kill dangerous viruses, bacteria and spores. It is extremely effective, acting in less than one minute, on hard and soft surfaces, and can be used safely on human skin.

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  • Acts 5 times faster than traditional active ingredients, typically within less than 1 minute
  • 80 times more effective than bleach
  • Effective on hard, soft and fabric surfaces and human skin
  • Stabilised for extended shelf-life
  • Deactivates prions & removes all five stages of biofilm growth
  • High quality, extra strong dry wipes provide significant cost savings over traditional wet wipe alternatives
  • Convenient sizes: 100ml pump spray, 1L trigger spray & screw top and 5L containers
  • Saves money and reduces plastic waste


  • Safe for you, your staff, and your patients, including those who are vulnerable
  • Effective against enveloped viruses such as coronaviruses and Hepatitis B & C and non-enveloped viruses such as norovirus and parvovirus -BS EN 14476
  • Effective against healthcare-acquired infections such as Pseudomonas, E. Coli and MRSA
  • Free from harmful quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), bleach, alcohol and aldehydes
  • Biomimetic – uses the same chemical released in the body’s immune response
  • Hypoallergenic, pH neutral and non-corrosive

Why OptiZil?

Beware of illegally labelled imitators: some HOCl manufacturers acidify bleach. Others alkalanise sea water by adding sodium hypochlorite. These approaches attempt to maximise HOCl’s effectiveness by settling its acidity at around pH7, where the chlorine ion (acid) becomes sodium hypochlorite (alkaline). 

Other manufacturers will insist that you need at least 500ppm+ of ‘available free chlorine’ (AFC) to get a more powerful HOCl product, but fail to mention their product also contains bleach that requires the higher concentration to be effective. Unstable bleach typically reduces the shelf-life of these products to under 6 months.

Pure HOCl’s neutral electrical charge means it easily penetrates bacterial cell walls with a concentration of AFC of less than 200ppm. 

Our unique manufacturing process stabilises HOCl for over 12 months, to produce an effective multipurpose antimicrobial disinfectant that is non-sensitising, non-irritating and not harmful to biological tissue. 

Our laboratory partners are industry leaders in HOCl testing. They worked with the European Commission’s EHCA to develop the HOCl testing data that are now formally adapted in Article 95 of [WHAT] to which all HOCl manufacturers must comply.

OptiZil Data Sheet
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Optizil Product Leaflet
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