The OraWize+ difference

The complete dental treatment journey

Most dental rinses rely on bleach, chlorhexidine, EDTA, or hydrogen peroxide to kill oral viruses and bacteria: toxic chemicals known to inhibit effective recovery.

Offering a high level of performance and safety to protect against infection, OraWize+ is a complete, non-irritating, non-sensitising antimicrobial HOCl dental rinse that can be used pre-procedure to reduce microbial load, during dental treatment for endodontic and periodontal irrigation and post-procedure to support the oral healing process.


  • Unique formulation eliminates harmful organisms before, during, and after treatment in under a minute
  • Provides perfect healing conditions by keeping bacteria and biofilm at bay
  • As effective as hypochlorite at destroying efaecalis in endodontic treatment
  • Helps prevent dry socket
  • Free from alcohol and artificial preservatives
  • Non staining, ready to use formula, stabilised for an extended HOCl shelf life
  • Convenient sizes: 1L and 5L bottles
  • Affordable 250ml option for patient’s post-treatment recovery at home


  • Ideal for use with vulnerable and immunocompromised patients
  • Does not irritate mucous membranes or respiratory system
  • Harmless to oral and periodontal tissue and surrounding structures
  • Tooth safe, thanks to neutral pH
  • The first HOCl dental rinse CE-marked as a Medical Device
  • Meets stringent European standards for killing viruses (BS EN 14476)
  • Free from alcohol and artificial preservatives

Why OraWize+?

OraWize+ is the first CE-marked hypochlorous dental rinse with extended shelf life HOCl as its active ingredient. 

We have developed our advanced antimicrobial mouthwash to be used through every stage of dental treatment including as an endodontic and periodontal irrigant.  Our ongoing R&D is not only proving we lower bacterial load during aerosol-generating procedures, but also keeps viral load at safe levels throughout dental treatment.

Optimised to help you treat patients safely, our formula is non-sensitising, non-irritating and completely non-toxic to biological tissue. Formulated without aldehydes, alcohol, or bleach, OraWize+ effectively destroys pathogens without any of the acrid taste, odour, allergy or respiratory risks found in alternative treatments.

Endodontic Treatment - Application Benefits

  • OraWize+ has most antibacterial endo benefits in cases where there is no pulp –  eg infected or necrotic teeth and re-treatments.
  • OraWize+ has safety benefits in teeth with open or immature apices, with perforations and in cases of resorption.
  • When there is a high pulp content, use NaOCl (hypochlorite) first, then EDTA to remove smear layer and a use OraWize+ as a final rinse to provide additional antibacterial benefits.
  • OraWize+’s safety profile allows it to be used with active irrigation techniques such as ultrasonic, endosonic or laser activation without the risks associated with possible extrusion.
Endodontic Treatment Video - OraWize+ in action
OraWize+ Data Sheet
OraWize+ Product Leaflet