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Pouching and Storage of reusable Dental Instruments Webinar 26th June 2023

Pouching and storing webinar.26th June 2023

Pouching and storing webinar.26th June 2023

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This webinar was recorded on 26th June 2023.


The webinar outlines the correct procedures for pouching and storing reuable dental instruments.


Learners will be taken through the importance of ensuring that self-seal pouches are sealed correctly and how incorrect sealing can affect the storage timescales.


Why is it important that instruments should be dry before pouching?

What are the impacts on overloading the pouch?

What impacts are there for overloading the autoclave?

What is 'Wet Wicking'?

The differences between self-seal pouches and pouch sealing units?

What alternative methods are available?


The webinar also includes many instructional videos to aid in the learning of this topic.


After the presentation you will be presented with a short quiz.


GDC learning outcomes: C

1 Hour eCPD

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