I am proud to announce my partnership with Tutum Health - the key infrastructure partner of the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service. 


They are delivering a service to support dentists for the updated mandatory NHS standards - National Standards of Healthcare Cleanliness 2021. 

They can deliver your bespoke compliancy requirements that will be subject to CQC inspections from April 2022. 

For a small monthly cost, they will deliver all your compliance needs to meet these standards as well as some attractive products and benefits.

Tutum Health have put together 3 fantastic options to suit your practice requirements, If you quote DECONPETE you'll enjoy an additional 10% disount. CLICK HERE to view the plans

Important Update 9/3/2022 : After speaking with NHSE the following update has been confirmed for Primary Care Dental: 
  • The 18 month phased implementation period does not apply to primary care dental practices and the only applicable deadline is that they must be fully compliant, with star ratings displayed by 04/11/22?

  • External audit is considered to be best practice for dental practices and is not a requirement for full compliance or the displaying of star ratings

  • In order for a practice to be fully compliant by the 1st of November they have to have all appropriate paperwork in place (determining risk categories, charters, responsibilities and frequencies etc.) and star ratings displayed based on their first set of technical audits,.

  • The Efficacy Audit, which is an annual audit, will then be carried out and completed within the 12 months post the November deadline.

Obviously with this update there is now more time for the implementation to take place, however I would still recommend completing the relevant templates in plenty of time for the deadline.

The National Standards of Cleanliness 2021

The National Standards of Cleanliness was published in April 2021 and has been brought in to standardise the approach to cleanliness and safety across all NHS sites in England.  The Standard has 5 mandatory elements that need to be met by 4th November 2022 and will form part of any CQC inspection.

The 5 elements are:

1: Cleaning Specification

2: Commitment to Cleanliness Charter

3: Technical Audit

4: External Assurance Audit

5: Annual Efficacy Audit

I have tried to amend the templates to reflect Dentistry although there will be some adjustments required to suit your individual practice requirements.

This is only mandatory for NHS dental practices within England

National Standards for Cleanliness 2021
National Standards for Cleanliness 2021 Appendix
National Standards of Cleanliness 2021: Supporting Templates
National Standards of Cleanliness 2021: Health & Safety - April 2021

To save you some time I have adapted the supporting templates to make them Dental Specific and have also put together a 50 minute CPD video outlining exactly what is required with the National Standards of Cleanliness.  These can be purchased and downloaded in the Online Course section.  You will also find 5 Module presentations which outline how to complete each of the 5 standards.  These can be purchased individually or as a bundle.
Templates Preview

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NHS SOP's November 2021


SDCEP Cleaning of Dental Instruments 2014 Edition

SDCEP Sterilization of Dental Instruments 2011 Edition

SDCEP Decontamination into Practice 2014 Edition

COVID-19 Infection prevention and control guidance complete

FGDP Implications of COVID for the safe management of general dental practices October 2020

SDCEP Managing Decontamination in Dental Practices 2014 Edition

Testing Documents 

COVID 19 Legionella guidance

Northern Ireland HTM 01-05 2013 Edition

Welsh HTM 01-05 2014 Edition

HTM 01-05 2013 Edition

Irish Dental Council Code of Practice 2013

Guidance and standard operating procedures general practice covid-19 version 3.3

SDCEP - mitigation of AGP's in Dentistry - rapid review Sept 2020

PPE Certificate checklist

Dental transition to recovery SOP.2020