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providing infection control solutions worldwide for any size practice.


SciCan provides a complete range of infection control solutions for dentists, ophthalmologists and medical clinics in dozens of countries around the world. Much of what we design, build, distribute and maintain is focused on efficiently washing, disinfecting and sterilizing dental and medical instruments.

In the dental industry, we’re known as the maker of the STATIM Cassette Autoclave®. It’s the fastest cassette autoclave out there. But we offer more than just technology, and more than just dental.

Working with industry professionals and regulators, we provide the dental, ophthalmology, and endoscopy markets with the most innovative and effective products available. Our global network of infection control experts develop real-world solutions based on our big-picture understanding of how good design, effective work flow, and sound ergonomics make for better and safer patient care.

From the largest multi-office practice to the smallest clinic, SciCan products are used to carefully and efficiently clean, disinfect and sterilize instruments to fight the spread of diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV.

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Statim G4 2000/ 5000


Washer Disinfector C61/ M2


Hand Piece Care

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Is OPTIM effective against Novel Coronavirus?

Yes. OPTIM disinfectants are proven effective against viruses much tougher to inactivate than Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), such as Poliovirus and Norovirus. This means the OPTIM disinfectants can be used against COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces and non-critical medical devices.

What should I look for in a surface disinfectant?

In a viral outbreak, such as the one we are experiencing, use a hospital disinfectant that has a virucidal claim against Poliovirus, Norovirus or Adenovirus. The disinfectant must be registered (look for the DIN, EPA, or CE mark on the label) and have something called a broad-spectrum claim.

What is a broad-spectrum claim?

There are different classes of pathogens, (i.e. bacteria, virus, etc.) and each class has been assigned specific microorganisms which are reflective of the gold standard or more-difficult-to-kill pathogen in that class.

A disinfectant that can deactivate the gold standard in each of the classes, can claim to be a broad-spectrum disinfectant.

What is OPTIM’s contact time for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what does that mean?

The contact time is the length of time a disinfectant must be wet on a surface to achieve the desired efficacy result. OPTIM Blue and OPTIM 33TB have a one-minute virucidal contact time. OPTIM 1 has a 30-second virucidal contact time. That means that the surface must remain wet for only 1 minute in order to inactivate viruses including Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).