Why choose DeconPete?

You may be thinking, why should we go with a small independent consultant? Let me tell you…


When I go into a practice, I am not only able to speak about the importance of cross infection, decontamination and the relevant guidance but also know many of the products inside and out. Having spent many years working for suppliers and working with manufactures it has given me a deep-rooted understanding of the equipment and processes. This has also, importantly, given me many contacts to whom I can call upon should it be necessary.

My knowledge and understanding of what are required and needed within a practice is probably one of the biggest aspects of why you should choose me over anyone else. Without going into lots of detail I will list below some of the knowledge that I have acquired in my 15 years in the dental trade.

-Knowledge about the industry

  • I have worked within every aspect of dentistry from endo to ortho and have met many dentists, suppliers and manufacturers. I understand the materials and equipment used which allows me to give you better infection control advice. All of my knowledge has been gained by experience of working within the industry for such a long time and the training that I have received along the way.

-Knowledge about manufactures

  • Through the last 12 years working, specifically, with infection control I have built a brilliant rapport and understanding of the majority of decontamination equipment manufacturers and regularly attend dental shows, keeping up to date with manufacturer requirements and new products.

-Knowledge about products, including complimentary merchandise

  • As already briefly mentioned I have a huge knowledge of both large equipment and small consumables and have worked with pretty much all of the key manufacturer partners that we see in the UK market. I am able to speak to you about nearly all of the equipment you use on a daily basis and if you ask me something that I’m unsure about, I’m pretty sure I know someone who will.

-Knowledge about the guidance and its implementation

  • 12 years ago I started learning about HTM01-05 and discussing and decoding it with colleagues and dental professionals at the time. This has developed into a more comprehensive understanding of all of the UK, ROI and European guidance documents including the vast majority of European norms. This experience has also encompassed an understanding of legionella, WRAS and all relevant water guidance documentation. What this means to my new and existing customers is that I am able to help and advise on all matters of infection control, process and implementation.


-Ability to draw and advise on LDU’s


  • I have worked very closely with practices and drawing offices to assist in the design and implementation of compliant LDU’s. I am also able to help and assist on the implementation of satisfactory Air Changes per Hour (ACH) as per the UK guidance.


Some of the other reasons are my consistent customer focused approach to working, I am reliable and have an ability to work outside of the box and too  timescales/with flexibility. I have built up many contacts within the industry and am able to recommend to you people for testing, validation and marketing within your practice as well as giving you a completely impartial visit. I have a passion for great and prompt customer relations and interactions and also for keeping both your staff and your customers safe.


Some of the comments that I have received are: