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We work with some amazing companies and organisations to help the entire dental team stay up-to-date with knowledge and guidance to ensure that everyone stays safe.

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Championing the professional vision of dental nurses, paving the way for a fulfilling career and achieving goals with ‘a can do‘ approach. We know only too well how hard dental nurses work and what it takes to be excellent at what you do… We are stronger together.

Mission statement

Our vision is to inspire and engage dental nurses at each and every stage of their career. We will consider the here and now, and the future landscape of dentistry. Our guiding philosophy is that we will support the development of a sustainable and effective workforce, which as a result will advance our profession through education and professional activity.


5 core values are central to our work

1. Influencing policy and informing change.

2. Enhancing the capacity and ability of our membership.

3. Placing education, learning, experience, growth and development at the heart of the society.

4. Recognising national and local priorities and our role within these areas.

5. Dedicated to the education and support of dental nursing students.

ONG Aims


To act on behalf of all orthodontic Dental Nurses and Orthodontic Therapists to advance high standards by developing and expanding their roles under ‘Dental Care Professionals’.ONG was founded in 1994 and became an affiliated organisation of the British Orthodontic Society in 1997.


ONG Objectives


To develop the Orthodontic Dental Nurses and Therapist roles within the Specialist Group.

To provide continuing professional education via study days, webinars and the British Orthodontic Conference

To keep the membership informed by means of e-journals, our website, and social media pages

To recommend to the GDC changes needed in legislation and workforce development plans

To liaise with relevant professional bodies to promote the status of:

Orthodontic Dental Nurses and Therapists.

To manage the Group’s finances to achieve its objectives.

To keep members up to date and plan for the future.

Firstly, the boring bit! I started life as a trainee at the end of 2009. Since then, I have qualified as a dental nurse with a Diploma, followed by an OHE course and then was made Head Nurse. I have had experience with many aspects of dentistry including Implant nursing, Orthodontics and cosmetics. I’ve also had managerial roles, provided the in-house training and been infection control lead.


Anyway. One thing I have always enjoyed is training the trainees and seeing them develop. However, I’ve always known that starting life as a trainee nurse is very daunting and could be for their nurse mentor too if they haven’t had experience in training.


The awkward period before starting the training course is especially overwhelming for both, because there’s so much to learn but no guidance on where to start. Unfortunately, a reasonable number of trainees give up in the first three months because it wasn’t what they thought, and they felt thrown in at the deep end.

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