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Decontamination Training Support sessions
Including Sustainability help and support

Are you in need of some help, guidance and support to ensure that your Decontamination process is working consitently? 

Our Decontamination Training support sessions have been designed to help maintain the high standards that you come to expect every day.

The Decontamination training sessions includes:

  • Full day support for all the dental team reviewing your IPC processes and procedures

  • We will carry out a full practice walk to ascertain current procedures to ensure we have a solid baseline to focus on.


  • Review all products used to ensure correct protocols are maintained

    • This will also involve discussions on possible new products that could be introduced

    • We will discuss ways of becoming more Sustainable without compromising saftey and IPC standards

  • Practical hands-on training of the entire decontamination process:


  • This will involve Manual cleaning protocols​

  • Correct use of the Ultrasonic Bath, including testing and validation procedures

  • Correct use of the WD, including testing and validation (if available)

  • Correct loading and use of the autoclaves, including testing and validation

  • Correct use of PPE

  • Review of Hand Hygiene procedures

  • Review of Water storage and production procedures

  • Review of all policies to ensure correct and up-to-date

  • Help navigating all requirements for Legionella and Waste Management.

    • Want to ensure you have what is required?  We will guide you and ensure that everyone understands each area.

    • We will review your DUWL procedures.

  • In-practice IPC course

    • Once we have reviewed all of the above we will then carry out:

      • 1 hour IPC presentation for the Half day training

      • 2 hour IPC presentation for the Full day training

  • Unlimted email and phone support for the first year

  • CPD certificates included.

Half a day - £650*

Full day - £1050*

*a small travel charge may also apply

Deconpete testing & validation guidance handbook

Endorsed by the Society of British Dental Nurses

'The Society of British Dental  Nurses welcomes this guidance book. Infection prevention and control is key to patient safety and the safety of the dental team and nobody knows that better than the dental nurse. It is important to have current and up-to-date timely information that is both accessible and relevant to the everyday practice of dentistry. The Society is pleased to acknowledge this work as part of its approval scheme.'

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