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Pre-Inspection audits

Are you in need of some help, guidance and support to ensure that you are fully compliant pending an inspection? 

Our Pre-Inspection audit visits have been designed to support you with this.

The audits will include:

  • a review of all policies and procedures to ensure that everything is correct and in place

    • We will carry out a full practice walk through to ascertain current procedures to ensure we have a solid baseline to focus on.

    • full review of all risk assessments, Legionella, COSHH etc. 


  • Review of all clinical areas to ensure the following, but not limited to:

    • Correct zoning is maintained

    • All draws to be inspected for out of date material, Instruments

    • Local rules visable

  • Practical hands-on training of the entire decontamination process:


  • This will involve Manual cleaning protocols​

  • Correct use of the Ultrasonic Bath, including testing and validation procedures

  • Correct use of the WD, including testing and validation (if available)

  • Correct loading and use of the autoclaves, including testing and validation

  • Correct use of PPE

  • Review of Hand Hygiene procedures

  • Review of Water storage and production procedures

  • Review of all policies to ensure correct and up-to-date

  • Patient record keeping including notes taking

  • Staff records, training, DBS etc.

  • Fire safety

  • Health and Safety

  • Healthcare waste management

  • Environmental cleaning records

After the audit you will be sent a full report outlining any area's that require attention along with a complete overview of the compliance status of the practice.  We will then work with you to get you to the level of compliance that is required.

Full day - £695*

*a small travel charge may also apply

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Practice Compliance Toolkit

Practice compliance toolkit
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