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Decontamination/ IPC Lead Training Course

The Decontamination Lead Training course will provide you wilth all the skills and knowledge to effective manage the decontamination area along with IPC management within the practice 

Over 12 hours eCPD

You'll be awarded over 12 hours eCPD after completion

Support Documents Provided

All supporting documents provided including Decon staff training checklist and more

Reflective Log Provided

As well as recieving all course information you will also recieve a Reflective log to record your progress

Ongoing Support

Ongoing email and phone support for your first 12 months in your new role

UK Guidance states:
"The practice should have a nominated lead member of staff responsible for infection control and decontamination"
UK Guidance also states:
The Code of Practice makes it a requirement that an individual is given the responsibility for infection control and decontamination. This person should have the experience and authority to perform this task and should be accountable to the registered manager

Course outlines

15 online courses, to be taken in your own time, which cover :

  • Key legislation and guidance

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Waste management

  • Consequences of non-compliance

  • Infection control principles

  • Chain of infection

  • PPE application in practice

  • Hand hygiene in practice

  • Designing a decontamination area

  • Decontamination process

  • Management of decontamination stages

  • Consequences of improper processing

  • Instrument transportation

  • Inspection & Maintenance

  • Failure procedures

  • The purpose of validation

  • Test methods & equipment used in validation

  • Validation application in practice

  • Failure procedures

  • 1 Hour MS Teams meeting to discuss full requirements

  • Access to all Templates required by the CQC/ Auditors

  • Access to Cleaning Flow Charts

  • Unlimited Email/ Phone support

  • Exclusive content

  • Access to all audits required for Decontamination

  • Access to Decon Testing & Validation documents/ video's

  • CPD training record

  • Copy of the testing & Validation Guidance handbook

  • New Decon staff training checklist

  • Course Information and Reflective log provided

Deconpete testing & validation guidance handbook

Endorsed by the Society of British Dental Nurses

'The Society of British Dental  Nurses welcomes this guidance book. Infection prevention and control is key to patient safety and the safety of the dental team and nobody knows that better than the dental nurse. It is important to have current and up-to-date timely information that is both accessible and relevant to the everyday practice of dentistry. The Society is pleased to acknowledge this work as part of its approval scheme.'

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