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Squat Practice Support Pack

Are you setting up a new practice and need some help, guidance and support to take away some of the stress involved in this important time?  

Our Squat Practice package has been designed to ensure that all policies/ procedures and necessary tasks are in place in time for a grand opening of your brand new practice.

The Squat Practice package includes the following:

  • Full support with all policies/ procedures required

    • We will ensure that you have all practice policies in place inline with Local and GDC requirements.  If you are missing any policies then we will provide these for you.

  • Full practice inspection

    • This Inspection is designed to ensure that the entire practice is fully compliant and we will look at all area’s.

    • Once the Inspection has been conducted we will supply a full report and work with you on any action plans.

  • Help navigating all requirements for area's such as Legionella, Waste Management, Surgeries and Decontamination

    • Not sure what is required in these areas?  We will guide you and arrange for each individual area to be fulfilled with relevant companies.

  • CPD training record for all staff

    •  Its important that all staff members keep a track of the CPD within each cycle.  A training matrix will be provided to each staff member.

  • LDU design and draw service

    • We will design your Decontamination room for you to ensure full compliance​

  • 1 x 2 hour In-practice IPC course

    • Once you are set up and running we will carry out an In-practice 2 hour IPC course for all staff members.

  • Access to all online decontamination CPD for all staff

    • All staff members will gain access to almost 9 hours of vCPD covering all aspects dental decontamination and infection control.  Courses include:

      • Waste Management

      • Handpiece Care and Maintenance

      • Sterilisation testing and validation

  • Unlimted email and phone support for the first year

  • Decon Lead support for the first year


Price from £1000

We will discuss your future practice plans and the overall costs will be adapted accordingly.

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