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Whats new in Version 2


Updated FR auditing with the introduction of FR5

Removal of the ability to perform a blended approach as this is not recommended by NHS England

More areas for adding practice specific elements


This log book has been created based on the information stated in the National Standards of Cleanliness 2021.


The Technical Audit Record Book is designed to help you carry out your monthly, quarterly and annual audit checks in order to achieve your overall Star Rating.


Full instructions on how to use the book are included within. You should aim to carry out the audits at different times of the day in order to achieve a true representation of IPC
standards within your practice.


This book has been designed to cover the 3 main FR categories for Dental, FR2, FR4 and FR6.  The book has also been designed to allow you to either audit each area based on individual Star Ratings or if you decide to opt for a Blended approach.


This Record Book allows you to carry out the Technical Audit in paper form rather than using the electronic version as issued by NHS England.


Full instructions are included in the book.


If you need help and support then please get in touch.


Please Note:

The supplied document is © Copyright DeconPete, All Rights reserved and may not be reproduced without the express permission of DeconPete.

NSC Technical Audit Record Book - Version 2

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