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Testing and Validation Hangbook Version 2 includes the introduction of RO and Hot/ Cold water testing.  Redesign of the testing  and flowchart pages along with more information and direct links to help and supporting services.


We get a lot of questions from members of the dental team asking: 


  • What do I do if a test fails? 
  • If my test fails does it mean my equipment is faulty?
  • Is the test faulty?
  • Am i doing something wrong?
  • What tests do I need to do in order to comply?


So that we can better assist all members of the team we have created this handbook as a go to guide and support on all of the decontamination equipment within your practice.  


The book outlines what tests are required, including frequency, based on manufacturer and guidance requirements.  Each section has been colour coded to aid easy navigation.  Within each section you will also find testing flowcharts which have been designed to help with fault finding should any tests fail.  The aim of these help you possibly diagnose a potential issue before the need to call an engineer.


Sources of information are; EN13060, HTM 01-05, EN 15883, HTM 2010, WHTM 01-05, SDCEP, and HTM 2030.




  • Manual Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Bath
  • RO and Hot/ Cold Water - New addition
  • Washer Disinfector
  • Benchtop Sterilisers
  • Testing, Validation and PVI
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary


If you are at all unsure please reach out for help from an IPC specialist or qualified engineer.


Yearly training should (if possible) be completed to keep you safe, refreshed and up to date on any changes. We are always here to support and help you and

you can reach out via the traditional methods or via social media and we aim to get back to you the same day-if not immediately!


Endorsed by the Society of British Dental Nurses


'The Society of British Dental Nurses welcomes this guidance book. Infection prevention and control is key to patient safety and the safety of the dental team and nobody knows that better than the dental nurse. It is important to have current and up-to-date timely information that is both accessible and relevant to the everyday practice of dentistry. The Society is pleased to acknowledge this work as part of its approval scheme.'


Please Note:

The supplied document is © Copyright DeconPete, All Rights reserved and may not be reproduced without the express permission of DeconPete.

Testing & Validation Guidance handbook v2

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