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DeconPete Mission: To offer dental practices a solution to all matters surrounding Infection Prevention &  Control. My aim is to educate practices so that staff and patients are kept safe. I uphold the values of all governing bodies and guidance documents to ensure you are performing the best dentistry in the safest environment. 

Your journey to effective Infection Prevention starts here.

Who am I and why choose me?

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Pete Gibbons

Decontamination Consultant & Owner

I am a decontamination and cross infection specialist with over 15 years working in the dental industry. I have worked within many different areas of dentistry; Orthodontics, Microscopes, Decontamination, Surgical and Endodontics to name but a few. I have also been delivering dental infection prevention courses for many years. Over the past 15 years I have written serveral published articles on infection control and write a monthly column for Dentistry Online(ongoing). 

My advice to my customers is completely impartial and comes from my long experience working with the UK guidelines and my knowledgeable interpretation.  All of my advice is underpinned by my belief that staff and patient safety is paramount.

I specialise in...

LDU advice and design

Infection Prevention and control

Decontamination Equipment advice

Water quality advice and guidance